Verum has been the first Western-
Standard CRO specializing in CEE
countries, operations starting in 1992.
As first registered CRO in various
CEE countries relationships to Investigators and Authorities are

More than 160 trials with some
37.000 patients have been completed.
The biggest trial in one country was
1.896 patients in 77 active sites.

Long-standing relationship and repeat business with leading Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device Companies enabled controlled development of the company.

Verum´s core business and key
competence is Full Clinical Service
for Phase II to IV in European countries.

In 2015 Verum created a partnership network with data management, biostatistics and IWRS companies, local CROs in Eastern Europe, IMP packaging and logistic companies with the purpose to provide full, strong and competent service for our clients. Verum is mostly specialized in Oncology, Neuroscience and Cardiology.

Verum has been selected by the
US MoH (NIH/NINDS) to run a
Government funded trial in Europe.